Best Traditional Maharashtrian Jewellery which makes beautiful look of Women

There are many traditional Maharashtrian jewelry pieces that enhance the appearance of a Maharashtrian woman. Nath, Thushi, Mohan Mala, Lakshmi Haar, Kolhapuri Saaj, Ambada,Ear Cuff, Choker Moti Haar,Rani Haar, Vaaki, Bugadi, Paithani & Chandra kor bindi Maharashtrian wife looks more beautiful. Now for each type of Maharashtrian jewelry we will go into more detail.


Maharashtrian makeup is incomplete without wearing ‘Nath’. Let’s see the current trend. In the traditional Maharashtrian dress, women wear sari and pearl earrings on the nauwari. The real Nath is an immortal jewel in Peshwa culture. Because from ancient times to the present day, the beauty of this ornament has not diminished at all. There are many different types of Maharashtrian Naths like Peshwa Nath, Maratha Nath, Brahmani Nath, Karwari Nath, Banu Nath. There are many different types of jewelry, such as glitter and nathani. But in all these nasal ornaments, it does not appear to rise. Nath adds more to a woman’s beauty. It is a different kind of fun to wear a Nath and show off your nose. Everyone would love to know what is the current trend of these Nath’s. We have brought this article specially for you. This will allow you to know exactly how many and how many types of Nath are there.

Brahmani/Puneri Nath:

This Brahmani Moti Nath is a Nath that is permanently cherished and even pre-traditional. This Nath can be seen on any type of face. Apart from that, it adorns you on any Maharashtrian garment. If you wear pearls with this necklace, your look will be more beautiful. You can get this Nath in many designs now. But it must have pearls and red stones on it. This Nath is known only by this stone. Moreover, this Nath is slightly larger in size than other Naths. In any case, the same nose is worn on the sari on the Nauwari Saree. Because with this sari, the beauty of any woman is more open.

Peshwai Nath:

The Peshwas and their ideology are still discussed today. Peshwa Nath is known for its tradition, creativity and delicate work done on it. It is used as a designer Nath in current trends. The feature of this Nath is that it is known for its patience and bravery. These Naths are quite small in size. Also, if you wear this nose with Kolhapuri ornaments and pearl ornaments on the sari, the beauty of women will be more open. It also gives a different look to your face and makes your look look very rich.

Bajirao Mastani Nath:

In many Bollywood films, Nath has been used as a fashion or a role requirement. The Nath that Priyanka Chopra wore to make Kashibai in Bajirao Mastani became very popular later. This nose of red and green colored stone is currently in trend. This Nath is also known as Puneri Nath. Both white and yellow pearls are used in this nostril. Also, its size is a bit big but its wire is in a straight line. It is made in the same way as the earlier women did not use it. So if your face is a little square or elongated, then such a Nath looks beautiful on your face.


Tradition on the Maharashtra-Karnataka border shows this Karwari Nath. This Nath looks a bit like a Banu nath. But it has a slightly southern twist. It is named after the city of Karwar. This nose is made of gold, pearls, basra pearls. It falls down into fairly delicate types. This type of Nath looks beautiful on women with normal vertical face. It also depends on what sari you are wearing. You can definitely wear to any home event.

Diamond Nath:

Diamond is a favorite subject of every woman. Every woman wants to have a diamond Nath. This Nath is very fragile and expensive. This Nath is mainly worn by Rajasthani and Marwari married women. This nose looks very beautiful in a wedding. Plus, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. If you just love it but don’t wear it, it’s best to avoid it.

Elegant Pachu Nath:

Pachu Nath is not usually seen. But some people like to wear pachu. Pachuchi Nath is also known as Emerald Nath. A nose gives a traditional Maharashtrian look to any woman. Although the size of the Nath is similar, the diamond-studded pachu attracts more attention. It does not contain any colored stones or pearls. So this Nath looks very royal and looks more beautiful in a wedding. Other than that, the color of the other stones is white, so the patch on it looks more raised and the attention of others is also focused on your Nath.

Puneri Nath (Heavy):

Puneri Nath is heavier than other Naths. The Nath is circular in shape with a floral design. The Nath is made of large pearls and stones. It is designed in the same way as Banu and Karwari Nath. For women who like to wear heavy jewelery, this Nath looks more beautiful. Also for women who have a slightly round face, this nose looks beautiful. This Nath is a bit heavy on the nose. But if you can handle this Nath, you can definitely wear this kind of Nath in your wedding or any close work at home. But keep in mind that the jewelry you are going to wear should also be a little heavier.

Mughal Nath:

Nowadays, many women find it more trendy to wear lehenga than sari in their wedding. At that time, some women preferred to wear Mughal Nath than the usual traditional Nath. This nose is a large ring and the chain attached to it can be attached to your hair. So it doesn’t have to be handled like a nose. So some people feel comfortable in this Nath. Of course, this Nath does not always look good on traditional clothes. But if you wear modern and modern clothes, then such a nose looks beautiful.

Banu Nath:

This hemispherical Nath is small in size. But its fragility enhances the beauty of women. You can also wear it on modern clothes. I mean, even after wearing a Maharashtrian kurta and jeans underneath, you can still see this Nath. Both rocks and pearls are small in size. But that is the feature. It is still trending and is in high demand in the market. Even gold nuggets are being made by women these days. Many programs seem to have such a Nath.

Hoob Nath:

Some women do not like very large and heavy Nath. This type of hoop Nath is very good for them. This nose is not heavy at all. Apart from that, you can wear this Nath for a long time. Some actresses had used such a pattern in their marriages. Such a Nath is rarely seen in a Maratha wedding. But in the Gujarati community, this Nath is widely used. But nowadays there is a trend to wear such a Nath on lenght. Such Nath are used to make something different and get a different look than usual.

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