Best Traditional Maharashtrian Jewellery which makes beautiful look of Women

There are many traditional Maharashtrian jewelry pieces that enhance the appearance of a Maharashtrian woman. Nath, Thushi, Mohan Mala, Lakshmi Haar, Kolhapuri Saaj, Ambada,Ear Cuff, Choker Moti Haar,Rani Haar, Vaaki, Bugadi, Paithani & Chandra kor bindi Maharashtrian wife looks more beautiful. Now for each type of Maharashtrian jewelry we will go into more detail. Nath: … Read more

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The beauty of our India lies in its diversity, partly in its unique jewelry, the know-how to create it, which only exists in this region and has been passed on through generations. Jewelry is timeless. It is good to have affordable costume jewelry sets on certain occasions, but we cannot forget about the eternal gems, … Read more