Thushi is one of the best traditional Maharashtrian Jewellery Collection


Thushi is an ornament found in the state of Maharashtra. This ornament is used by women. This ornament is tied around the neck like a necklace. There are also pachu and manik gem stones in the center of Thushi. Thushi means round pearl. This type of Thushi was very famous in the royal family. The shape of the pearls makes them look delicate and also decorates little girls at ceremonies. It sometimes has a dark pink ruby ​​in the center and sometimes a gold leaf. Thushi is a choker-style necklace that is woven with gold pearls and whose round pendant has a pink or green stone. The most important thing is that this jewelry is chic, so even if you wear only one piece of jewelry around your neck in your traditional dress or modern dress, it looks stunning. You don’t need any other jewelry with it. This single piece of jewelry helps to reveal your beauty. If this ornament is worn on big sarees like Paithani, Kanjivaram, it becomes more beautiful. Let’s find out what are the different types of thushi

Thushi Mangal Sutra:

Mangalsutra is the intimate subject of every woman. Different designs of Mangalsutra are also available in the market now. Basically Mangalsutras have different attractive designs. But once you see the Mangalsutra in Thushi’s designs, the temptation to have one of these will definitely not overwhelm you. In it you get a variety of designs from the neck mangalsutra to the long-sleeved mangalsutra. But even in that, the combination of Kolhapuri designs with only one pomegranate colored stone and the rest of the black beaded necklace is the most prevalent. There is also a high demand for gold beads and black beads attached to it. Because it looks big and looks attractive without it. Also, it does not need much care. The design is simple but attractive.

Kolhapuri Thushi:

Kolhapuri Saaj is considered to be a type of Thushi. This ornament is covered with gold leaf on lakhs. In Kolhapuri Saaj, ‘Jav Mani’ and ‘Pandya’ (leaves of different sizes) are wrapped with gold wire. The people of Kolhapur used this instrument extensively and renamed it as ‘Kolhapuri Saaj’. The ornaments include fish, lotus, caraway, moon, belpan, conch, snake, tortoise, beetle, and a large gold-shaped leaf of mushy lacquer filled with lacquer and a bead. In fact, this ornament is used instead of Mangalsutra. This ornament is used in many festivals nowadays. This jewelry is in high demand either because it is light in weight and heavy.

Kolhapuri Vajratik Thushi:

This Thushi was earlier in use on the Kolhapur side. But the carvings and beads are so attractive that it is in high demand. Vajratik Thushi is a design similar to Mahalakshmi Thushi. It shows Kolhapuri thaska. You feel a sense of heaviness in yourself even after wearing this stuffed bead. Usually when wearing a costume or a role in a play, this type of Thushi is preferred. But you can also use this design in other programs if you want.

Kolhapuri plain mani Thushi:

The design of each Thushi is different. Thushi is usually worn around the neck and is round in shape. But in this Kolhapuri Plain Mani Thushi you get a fairly long shaped Thushi. You can add this by adjusting it as you wish. It is called Thushi because of its long beads. Some people don’t like round shaped beads or some people want something different than usual. This type of thushi is definitely useful for them. It gives you a different look.

Gadi Thushi:

The combination of both Mahalakshmi and Vajratika is Gadi Thushi. The design is a little different. But when you put it on your neck, it looks very beautiful. The ornament looks more attractive after wearing only the design stripe on the top and the beads wrapped under it. Even on your designer saree, this fold looks great. If you wear a plain sari or a floral sari and wear this type of Thushi, you will definitely see it. You do not have to wear different ornaments for other festivals. You can get the job done with just one wicket. No other jewelry is needed as it is elevated.

Traditional Thushi:

You get to see this Thushi at every festival. It is like a bead wrapped around each other. In some places, there is a pomegranate-colored stone in the center. In some cases, the rock is larger, while in others, the rock is smaller. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. It was very easy to wear this light towel when going to any event. It also looks beautiful as it is an embellished ornament. This deadly combination is lightweight and heavy to look at.

 Mahalaxmi Thushi:

This is a slightly different type of thushi. Thushi is one of the ancient ornaments. This Thushi is very bulky. Also, it has more padding. Traditional thushi has a single floor. But in this, there are positions like one after the other. Also, even though it is worn around the neck, it looks like a royal ornament. So after wearing this, the throat looks very full. It costs a lot to make this gold. But if you want imitation, it is available in the market.

Golden Classic Thushi:

Some people don’t like the traditional look. This is a very modern design for them. It has fine carvings and can be worn on any type of clothing. In traditional thushi, the beads are intertwined. But this is not the case. Nowadays, it is more fashionable to wear skirt and bodice than sari in a wedding or any other ceremony. Therefore, it would be appropriate for you to wear on such fashionable clothes.

 Handcrafted Thushi: 

This Thushi is in high demand like traditional Thushi. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Such handcrafted Thushis can be seen on different sarees or even on your kurtas. This is a great option for those who like to wear cotton sarees or dresses. Moreover, being handcrafted, it has a different decoration. These handcrafted Thushis are also available in different designs. Also, you can see the demand for it in the market right now.

 Designer Thushi:

Not everyone will like traditional jewelry. Nowadays, clothes of different fashions are worn even for festivals. In such cases, it is preferred to wear such ornaments on designer clothes. If you are under a lot of pressure to wear jewelry like Thushi from home, then designer Thushi is a good option for you. You can combine both traditional and modern with this type of designer tuxedo on your designer clothes. You can have different braids or different colored braids.

Rajputi Kanthi Thushi:

Not only in Maharashtra but now you can also use Rajput Kanthi Thushi Hade. Although the design is Rajput style, it has a Maharashtrian touch. You can definitely wear this kind of Rajput necklace on your different outfit. But this perfect thushi does not fall into this category. It is also called bran. But right now this fashion is in vogue. Many designers look beautiful after wearing this type of jewelry on lehenga.

 Broad Fancy Thushi:

It’s a bit more fancy than usual. It also has a large surface area. In this too, the design of the Thushi would have been made properly. But it is not designed like the traditional thushi. Its beads are not even intertwined. It also uses pearls and other stones in some places. Which is not done in the traditional thushi. So if you like fancy designs, you may prefer these types of designs.

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